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Tweet Treat Pot Holders

Turn precut 10” squares into cute pot holders that make great gifts! Tuck a recipe into the pot holder pocket to give the recipient culinary inspiration. Fabrics are from the Whitewashed Cottage collection by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics.


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Designer: Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company


Materials for Hen Pot Holder

•    10 assorted print and floral 10" squares in lavender, pink, yellow,  gray, and white (pot holder, appliqués)

•    Scraps of red-and-white floral (appliqués)

•    1⁄4 yard insulated batting, such as Insul-Bright

•    Lightweight fusible web

•    Quilt basting spray

•    Embroidery floss: brown


Finished pot holder: 7-1⁄2×10"


Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. 

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Press seams in directions indicated by arrows on diagrams. If no direction is specified, press seam toward darker fabric.


Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces.


To use fusible web for appliquéing, complete the following steps.


1.    Lay fusible web, paper side up, over patterns. Use a pencil to trace each pattern the number of times indicated in cutting instructions, leaving 1⁄2" between tracings. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1⁄4" outside traced lines. 

2.    Following manufacturer’s instructions, press fusible-web shapes onto wrong sides of designated fabrics; let cool. Cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines. Peel off paper backings.


From assorted prints and florals, cut: 

•    2—7-1⁄2×10" rectangles (pot holder back)

•    2—7-1⁄2" squares (pot holder front)

•    1—1-1⁄2×7-1⁄2" binding strip (pot holder front)

•    1—1-1⁄2×6-1⁄2" strip (hanging loop)

•    Enough 2-1⁄4"-wide binding strips to total 44" inches in length

•    4—2×3-1⁄4" rectangles (hen body)

•    4—1-1⁄2×3-1⁄2" rectangles (hen body)

From yellow print, cut: 

•    3 of Pattern B

•    1 of Pattern B reversed

From red-and-white floral scraps, cut: 

•    3 of Pattern C

•    1 of Pattern C reversed 

From insulated batting, cut: 

•    2—7-1⁄2×10" rectangles

•    1—7-1⁄2" square