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Treasure Elephant

Assemble patchwork first, then cut pieces to construct the playful stuffed elephant. Fabrics are from the Blueprint Basics collection by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman.


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Finish Elephant

1. Starting with trunk and using small bits of fiberfill at a time, stuff elephant, making sure there is space in the center back for a pocket.

2. Fold over one edge of a light gray print 5-1⁄2" square 1⁄4"; press. Aligning folded edge along back of zipper teeth, stitch folded edge to zipper tape (Diagram 8). Repeat with remaining light gray print 5-1⁄2" square and opposite edge of zipper tape.

3. Unzip zipper. With right sides together, join side and bottom edges of light gray print 5-1⁄2" squares to make pocket (Diagram 9).

4. Tuck pocket into opening in center back. Fold under raw edges of center back. Hand- stitch folded edges to right sides of zipper tape.

5. Referring to photo,  hand-sew a button to each end of zipper and hand-sew tail in place to complete stuffed elephant.