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Sweet Treat Apron

An ice cream sundae appliqué makes a scrumptious topping for an apron.


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Assemble Apron

1. Aligning raw edges, pin apron bib and apron skirt right sides together; match center mark on skirt with seam line on appliquéd block and baste (Diagram 10).

2. Pin right side of pink print H bib facing to wrong side of skirt along waistline with Step 1 seam allowance between bib and facing (Diagram 11). Sew together through all layers. Press seam toward bib.

3. Fold facing over bib, enclosing seam allowance; press. Pin facing to bib, matching center fold on facing with seam line on appliquéd block (Diagram 12). Trim bib to match facing along side edges.




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