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Sweet Treat Apron

An ice cream sundae appliqué makes a scrumptious topping for an apron.


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Make Apron Skirt

1. Place pink print 18-1⁄4x28" rectangle right side up on work surface. Referring to Diagram 7, mark center of long edges and 6-5⁄8" in from short edges.

2. Using Corner Cutting Pattern, mark cutting lines on bottom corners of pink print rectangle (Diagram 8). Machine-baste a scant 1⁄8" inside marked cutting lines. Trim on cutting lines.

3. Sew a running stitch between 6-5⁄8" marks on top edge of pink print rectangle (Diagram 8). Pull thread to gather rectangle to 20" wide (Diagram 9). Tie off thread. Distribute gathers evenly to make apron skirt.




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