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Sweet Treat Apron

An ice cream sundae appliqué makes a scrumptious topping for an apron.


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Applique Block

1. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, arrange green print C base, yellow dot D topping, and white tone-on-tone E whipped cream on block. Pin or baste in place. Note: Align bottom edge of C base with edge of block; do not appliqué this edge. This 1⁄4" seam allowance will be sewn into waistline seam.

2. Working from bottom layer to top and using threads in colors that match fabrics, appliqué each piece to block, turning edges under with your needle as you work. (Note: You do not need to turn under edges that will be overlapped by other pieces. To prevent the yellow dot D topping from showing through the white tone-on-tone E whipped cream, trim away part of the yellow dot seam allowance.)

3. Using a small running stitch, sew 1⁄8" from edge of red tone-on-tone F cherry. Gather around freezer-paper circle and press lightly. Release stitches enough to remove freezer-paper circle, then gather them again and tie off.

To make a running stitch, pull your threaded needle up at A (Running Stitch Diagram) and insert it back into fabric at B, 1⁄8" away from A. Pull your needle up 1⁄8" away from B, and continue in same manner.

4. Place prepared red tone-on-tone F cherry on top of appliquéd sundae on block. Appliqué in place as before.

5. Place appliquéd block right side down on a soft surface, such as a folded towel (to prevent flattening appliqués), and press.

6. Using two strands of red embroidery floss and referring to photo, stem-stitch dimple and stem on cherry, ending stem with a French knot.

To stem-stitch, pull your threaded needle up at A (Stem Stitch Diagram), then insert it back into fabric at B, about 3⁄8" away from A. Holding floss out of the way, bring your needle back up at C and pull floss so it lies flat against fabric. Pull gently with equal tautness after each stitch. Continue in same manner, holding floss out of way on same side of stitching every time.
To make a French knot, bring your threaded needle up at A (French Knot Diagram). Wrap the floss around the needle two or three times without twisting it. Insert tip of needle into the fabric at B, about 1⁄16" away from A. Gently push the wraps down the needle to meet the fabric, then pull the needle and floss through the fabric slowly and smoothly.