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Small Fabric-Covered Notebook

Turn a small, spiral-bound notebook into a carry-along piece of art when you stitch up a new cover. Designer Jessica Levitt shows off her Timber collection for Windham Fabrics by layering and stitching this custom-made journal.


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Embellish Notebook

1. Pry open spiral binding and remove front cover from notebook.

2. Referring to Piecing Diagram, sew together assorted blue print 2-3/8x4" rectangles to opposite edges of blue floral 2-3/8x2-1/2" rectangle to make pieced unit. Press seams open. Press seams under 1/4" along long edges of unit. Pieced unit should be 1-7/8x9-1/2" including seam allowances.

3. Position pink print 5-1/2x7" rectangle on notebook cover, avoiding spiral-binding holes to make appliqué foundation; adhere rectangle in place with glue stick. Trim excess fabric along notebook cover edge.

4. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram for placement, position Step 2 pieced unit diagonally across appliqué foundation. Zigzag or topstitch 1/8" from edges of long sides to attach unit to cover; trim excess fabric along cover’s edge. To stitch through the cardboard cover, use a size 100/16, heavy-duty denim needle; increase your stitch length; and stitch slowly.

5. Referring to Appliqué Assembly Diagram for placement, align assorted blue print 5/8x5-1/4" strips on foundation; adhere with glue stick. Zigzag-stitch long edges of strips to attach to cover; trim excess fabric at ends of strips even with foundation.

6. Zigzag-stitch around outer edges of cover.

7. Apply a coat of spray adhesive to back of 4-3/4x7" cardstock. Adhere cardstock to reverse side of cover to conceal stitching. Reassemble notebook, bending wires back into place to complete project.