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Scrap Book

Keep fabric swatches for your next quilt project close at hand in a charming "scrap" book. In your tote bag or your glove box, it will be a handy book to carry on your next trip to a fabric shop.


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Assemble Blocks and Complete Mini-Quilt Scrap Book

Assemble two 3"-square-finished blocks of your choice. To foundation-piece the featured Log Cabin blocks, follow the instructions below to make two blocks. (For more tips on foundation-piecing, click here.)

Assemble Mini-Quilt Blocks
1. Cut lengths of assorted print 1"-wide strips about 1" longer than each area of a Log Cabin foundation paper.

2. Place assorted print pieces for areas 1 and 2 right sides together. With foundation paper printed side down, center pieces over area 1 of the foundation paper. Pin pieces in place on seam line, then carefully turn back strips to make sure areas 1 and 2 are completely covered and seam allowances extend at least 1/4" into adjoining spaces. If not, reposition pieces and check again.

3. Using a small stitch length, sew on seam line between areas 1 and 2. Press piece No. 2 open, then trim pieces so they extend 1/4" into surrounding areas.

4. Right sides together, align the piece for area No. 3 with trimmed edges of pieces 1 and 2. Stitch in place as before, press open, and trim.

5. Continue in this manner, working in numerical order, until foundation is covered. Trim covered foundation on outer dashed line. Using blunt end of a seam ripper, remove foundation paper to complete a Log Cabin block. The block should be 3-1/2" square including seam allowances.