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Lion Appliqué T-shirt

Add style to a plain T-shirt with a quick-to-create fusible lion appliqué. Create dimension in the appliqué pieces with regular and raggy edges.


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Appliqué T-shirt

Cut and prepare lion appliqués following Prepare Appliqué steps 1 and 3, to prepare lion patterns A through C with raggy edges. Refer to Prepare Appliqués, steps 1 and 2, to prepare lion patterns D through K with regular edges.

From dark brown print, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern A

From red-orange print, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern B

From light orange print, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern C

From pale yellow dot, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern D

From solid dark brown, cut:
1 each of lion patterns E, F, H, J, and K

From bright orange print, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern G

From gold dot, cut:
1 of Lion Pattern I

1. Arrange all pieces on chest area of T-shirt. Fuse in place following manufacturer’s directions; let cool.

2. If using lightweight fusible web, straight-stitch 1/4" from the edge on pieces A through C. Stitch around edges of remaining pieces with a narrow zigzag or blanket stitch.

3. To make raggy edges on pieces A through C, clip the raw edge of each appliqué about every 1/4". Using a soft toothbrush, brush clipped edges of appliqué to desired raggy appearance.



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