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Life's a Circus Mobile

Decorate a nursery by dangling fun felt balls and elephants with polka dot ears beneath a big top.


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Assemble Balancing Balls

1. Referring to photo on download for color placement, place H stripes piece atop G ball piece. Using matching thread, edgestitch H piece in place. Position matching I tip piece over center intersection of H stripes piece and edgestitch in place. Trim any excess felt overhanging edges to make one ball body. Repeat to make a second matching ball body.

2. With wrong sides together, pin balancing balls; then sew around 1⁄8" from outer edge, leaving a 1" opening. Stuff ball lightly with fiberfill. Stitch opening closed to make one balancing ball.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a second balancing ball.