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Life's a Circus Mobile

Decorate a nursery by dangling fun felt balls and elephants with polka dot ears beneath a big top.


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Assemble Elephants

1. Referring to photo on download, arrange matching B ear pieces atop C ear pieces. Following manufacturer’s instructions and using a press cloth between felt and iron, fuse shapes in place with hot iron. Zigzag-stitch around curved edge of each B piece.

2. Place two A body pieces that match Step 1 C ears on table with trunks facing (so they are mirror images). Place matching D saddle pieces in position on each A body. Using matching thread, edgestitch saddles in place along curved lower edge only (Diagram 1). Do not sew top curve of saddle.

3. With matching threads, edgestitch an E star piece onto far side of saddle (away from head) and an F cheek piece near trunk. Repeat for opposite side.

4. Place fused ear on elephant and attach by zigzag-stitching only the straight edge to create a dimensional ear. Hand-sew a French knot for elephant eye. Repeat for opposite side (French Knot Diagram).

5. With wrong sides together, pin elephant bodies together, then sew around 1⁄8" from outer edge with contrasting thread, leaving a 1" opening. Note: Designer Kim Kruzich used triple-stitch function on her machine to highlight stitching.

Tip: Many sewing machines have a triple-stitch function; it may be marked with three dashed lines on the machine. Check manual to find out if machine has this stitch.

6. Stuff elephant lightly with fiberfill through opening. Use a chopstick to help push stuffing into narrow trunk and leg areas. Stitch opening closed in the same manner as before to make an elephant.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to make four elephants total.