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Fabric Art Wall Hanging

If you have fat quarters you can’t bear to cut into small pieces, combine them with larger pieces to cover purchased stretched artist’s canvases. Black-and-white florals and prints, such as these from the Night and Day 2 collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, make striking wall art.


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Assemble Plaques

1. Referring to photo, sew together 15x19-1/2", 15x3-1/2", and 15x17-1/2" rectangles. Press seams open. Pieced unit should measure 15x39-1/2".

2. Place 15x39-1/2" pieced unit right side down on a flat surface. Center 12x36x3/4" stretched artist’s canvas on fabric.

3. Wrap excess fabric to back of stretched canvas. Keeping fabric taut and smooth, staple excess to canvas frame beginning at center of each edge.

4. Miter corners of fabric and secure with staples on back. Add sufficient staples along edges to hold fabric straight and taut.

5. Repeat steps 2–4 to make remaining three plaques for a total of four.

6. If desired, secure ribbon around side edges with fabric glue to complete plaques.