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Easy Apron

Aprons are today’s sizzling kitchen fashion accessory. Whip up an easy retro cover-up with sweet girly ruffles.


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Make and Add Waistband

1. With wrong sides together, press pink-and-green floral 3-1⁄2x26" strip in half lengthwise. Open up strip and press under 1⁄4" along one long edge.

2. Sew unpressed edge of waistband strip to upper edge of apron. (Waistband should extend 1⁄2" beyond each apron side edge.) Press seam toward waistband.

3. Position raw ends of apron ties on waistband just below fold. Fold waistband on previous fold with right sides together. Sew through all layers with 1⁄2" seam allowance (even with finished side edges of apron). Turn waistband and ties right side out; press.

4. Pin pressed edge of waistband to wrong side of apron; slip- stitch in place. Topstitch waistband close to bottom edge.