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Easy Apron

Aprons are today’s sizzling kitchen fashion accessory. Whip up an easy retro cover-up with sweet girly ruffles.


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Download this Project

Cut Fabrics

Click on "Download this Project" above for patterns. Overlap sections on dotted lines and tape together.

From pink-and-green floral, cut:
1 of Apron Pattern
1—3-1⁄2x26" strip (waistband)
1—7" square (lower pocket)
1—3-1⁄2x7" rectangle (upper pocket)

From pink print, cut:
1—2x37" strip (piping)
2—3-1⁄2×30" strips (ties)
1—2x6-1⁄2" strip (pocket piping)

From multicolor stripe, cut:
1—4-3⁄4x42" strip (ruffle)
1—4-3⁄4x10" strip (ruffle)
1—2-3⁄4x10" strip (pocket ruffle)

From interfacing, cut:
1—1-1⁄2x7" rectangle