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Designer Album Covers

A great last-minute gift idea! Personalize the wool design on the front to match the recipient's interests.


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Floral Album Cover

Project designer: Renée Plains

Soft-cover album for 4x6" photos
8x141/2" piece tan check (cover)
8x9" piece tan floral (lining)
7x10" piece thin cotton batting
Felted wool scraps: green and tan (appliqués)
Moss green wool yarn (stems)
Embroidery floss: green, red, tan, coral
Freezer paper

Finished cover: 7x5"

Cut FabricsClick on "Download This Project" for the full-size patterns. Trace patterns on freezer paper's dull side the number of times indicated below; cut out. With dry iron, press freezer-paper shapes onto right side of wool scraps. Cut along freezer paper edges; peel off paper.

From green wool, cut:
7 of Pattern A

From red wool, cut:
1 each of patterns B, C, and D

From tan wool, cut:
3 of Pattern E

From coral wool, cut:
3 of Pattern F

From gold wool, cut:
1—5/8x2" rectangle

From moss green yarn, cut:
•2—4-3/4" lengths
1—2-3/4" lengths

Assembly1. Center batting 7x10" rectangle on wrong side of tan check 8x14-1/2" rectangle; pin or baste in place. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, position all appliqués and moss green wool yarn pieces on cover. Baste in place.

2. With two strands of green floss, tack-stitch leaves in place. With two strands of brown floss, tack-stitch remaining appliqué shapes in place. With two strands of green floss, whipstitch over moss green yarn stems to secure. With three strands of tan floss, use a cross stitch and a backstitch to embroider "XOXX" on the gold wool rectangle.

3. Press short ends of appliquéd tan check rectangle 1/4" to the wrong side; stitch in place. Lay the appliquéd tan check rectangle right side up and press short ends 2" to the right side to create flaps. With right sides together, center the lining 8x9" rectangle atop the tan check rectangle (Assembly Diagram). Machine-stitch top and bottom edges with 1/2" seam allowance to make cover. Turn cover right side out, then turn flaps right side out; press flat.

4. Slide photo album into cover.