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Designer Album Covers

A great last-minute gift idea! Personalize the wool design on the front to match the recipient's interests.


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Wooly Sheep Album Cover

Project designer: Charlie Reeves
From American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2006

Soft-cover album for 4x6" photos
7-3/4x14" piece moss green felted wool (cover)
Felted wool scraps: brown plaid, gray, dark green, red, and gold (appliqués)
Embroidery floss: brown, gray, black, red, gold
Freezer paper

Finished cover: 6-3/4x5"

Cut FabricsClick on "Download This Project" for the full-size patterns. Trace patterns on freezer paper's dull side the number of times indicated below; cut out. With dry iron, press freezer-paper shapes onto right side of wool scraps. Cut along freezer paper edges; peel off paper.

From brown plaid wool, cut:
1 of Pattern A

From gray wool, cut:
1 of Pattern B

From dark green wool, cut:
1 each of patterns C and D

From red wool, cut:
1 of Pattern E

From gold wool, cut:
1 of Pattern F

Assembly1. Lay wool rectangle right side up. Fold short ends in 2" to make flaps. Machine-stitch along long raw edges with 1/2" seam allowance. Turn flaps right side out and press, making a 1/2" hem at top and bottom, to make cover.

2. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, place brown plaid A grass and gray wool B sheep on cover. Without sewing through flap, whipstitch in place with one strand of matching floss.

3. With two strands of brown floss, backstitch sheep’s swirls and ear, and add a French knot for eye. Satin-stitch legs with six strands of brown floss; add black French knot hooves.

4. Place dark green wool C and D leaves and red wool E flower on cover. With three strands of brown floss, backstitch stem and stitch through center of leaves. With two strands of red floss, backstitch loop in each flower petal. With two strands of gold floss, add a French knot to secure the gold wool F flower center and backstitch initials and year.

5. Slide photo album into appliquéd cover.