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Cute Keeper

Stitch an organizer that holds a small notebook, writing utensils, and additional stationery items. Fabrics are from the Sunkiss collection by Tilda Fabrics.


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Finish Organizer

1)    Layer exterior and interior with wrong sides together. Zigzag-stitch around side and top edges, leaving bottom edge open (Diagram 11). Topstitch centerline.

2)    Insert interfacing 5-1⁄2 × 9" rectangles into Step 1 unit through bottom openings (Diagram 12). Zigzag-stitch along bottom edges.

3)    Cut remaining elastic hair band once; align cut ends to form a large loop. With exterior right side up, center cut ends of loop on left-hand edge of organizer; baste 1⁄8" from edge (Diagram 13).

4)    Bind with white floral binding strips.

5)    Sew remaining aqua button to center of right-hand edge of exterior, being careful not to stitch interior large pocket closed. Be sure button is just to left of binding and lines up with elastic closure. Fold on centerline. Slip loop over button to complete organizer.