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Coffee Cozy Trio

Protect your hands from coffee-cup heat with a wraparound cozy stitched in theme prints from the Coffee Buzz collection by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics.

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Materials for Java Banner Cozy

4-2-1/2x3" rectangles assorted black-and-white prints (appliqués)
6x12" rectangle black-and-white dot (appliqué foundation)
6x12" rectangle black print (lining)
6x12" rectangle cotton batting
Lightweight fusible web
Lightweight, tear-away stabilizer
Embroidery floss: black
Elastic ponytail keeper
7/8"-diameter button: white
Water-soluble pen
Toothpick or wooden match

Finished cozy: 3-1/2x10"

Refer to Prepare Template and Appliqués on page 2 before cutting.