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Coffee Cozy Trio

Protect your hands from coffee-cup heat with a wraparound cozy stitched in theme prints from the Coffee Buzz collection by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics.

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Assemble Drink Cozy

1. Place A template on right side of appliquéd cozy top. Using water-soluble pen, transfer marked X to cozy top.

2. Pinch ponytail keeper in the middle. Matching pinched center with X and extending 7/8" ponytail keeper loop toward cozy center (Diagram 1), pin ponytail keeper to right side of cozy. Zigzag-stitch center of ponytail keeper to marked X. (Depending on the elasticity of the ponytail keeper, you might need to make the loop longer or shorter than 7/8". Baste ponytail keeper in place, then slip button through loop to test elasticity.)

3. With right sides together, layer appliquéd cozy top and red print A piece. Place layered pieces on top of batting A piece. Using 1/2" seam, sew around edges, leaving a 3" opening along bottom edge for turning (Diagram 2). Trim seam allowance to 1/4". On curved edges, clip notches in the seam allowance up to, but not through, stitching line. Turn cozy right side out through opening. Press flat and hand-stitch opening closed. Topstitch 1/8" from outer edge to make cozy.

4. Snugly wrap cozy around desired coffee cup. Pull ponytail keeper loop slightly taut and use water-soluble pen to mark a dot just inside end of loop on right side of cozy (Diagram 3). Remove cozy from cup.

5. Align center of button with marked dot. Place a toothpick or wooden match on top of button. Sew button to right side of cozy, working stitches over toothpick or wooden match to create a shank (Diagram 4). Remove toothpick or match. Pull button up tight against the shank (excess thread). Work needle through one of buttonholes to back side of button. Wind thread around thread shank created below button. Secure and knot thread on lining side to complete Drink Cozy.