Casserole Carrier

Whip up a carrier that's perfect for transporting casseroles or cupcakes to potlucks. The chicken and egg fabrics are from the Metro Market collection by Ellen Krans for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" for the Corner Cutting Pattern. To make a template, trace pattern onto a large sheet of paper and cut out on drawn lines.

From black-and-white polka dot, cut:
2-3-1/2x38-1/2" strips

From black egg print, cut:
1-10-1/2x28" rectangle
2-10-1/2x20" rectangles
1-10-1/2x14" rectangle

From green chicken print, cut:
1-16-1/2x34-1/2" rectangle
2-16-1/2x17-1/2" rectangles

From batting, cut:
1-16-1/2x34-1/2" rectangle
1-10-1/2x20" rectangle