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Butterfly Appliqué T-shirt

Spruce up a plain T-shirt with a scrappy, fusible butterfly appliqué. Mix and match appliqué colors and tees to make a design that suits your style.


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Before You Start

Choose a fusible web: It’s important to choose a good quality fusible web of the appropriate weight. You’ll choose a weight of fusible web based on whether you’re going to sew the appliqués on the shirts or not. If you don’t wish to stitch over the edges, make sure you use a heavyweight fusible web that is permanent even without sewing. If you want to sew along the edges, use a lightweight version (some fusible webs are too stiff to sew through).

Use a stabilizer: When stitching appliqués to knit shirts, you’ll need to back the appliqués with a suitable stabilizer. A stabilizer does just what its name implies: It stabilizes knit fabric so it won’t stretch while you’re sewing. Choose a tear-away stabilizer, a wash-away version, or a soft cut-away type.

Editor’s Tip: Make sure to wash and dry your shirt before adding appliqués. You’ll want the shrinkage to occur before you add your embellishments.