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Tropical Traveller

Combine tropical prints for a vacation bag that easily stores travel essentials. Fabrics are from the Acreage collection by Shannon Gillman Orr for Moda Fabrics.


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Make Strap

1.    Referring to Diagram 5, join pink floral 2×42" strips to make a 2×83-1⁄2" pieced strip; press seam open. Fold pieced strip in half lengthwise with wrong side inside. Press to crease center; unfold. Fold long edges of pieced strip to meet in the center. Fold again at center, matching folded edges; press. 

2.    Unfold Step 1 strip and place fusible fleece 1⁄2×42" strips end to end close to center fold of pieced strip. Refold pieced strip to cover fusible fleece strips. Topstitch 1⁄8" away from both long edges to make strap.