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Trim It Tote

Pick a great base fabric, such as this black-and-white print designed by M’Liss Rae Hawley for Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Stores. Have fun with ribbons and other trims to make your bag unique. M’Liss combined velvet, silk, chenille, and grosgrain ribbon, selected from May Arts Ribbons, with appliquéd leaves and knotted sheer silk for textural appeal.


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Assemble and Add Handle Tabs

1. With right side inside, fold and press black-and-white print 2x7" strip in half lengthwise. Sew together along long edges. Turn right side out and press with seam along one long edge to make a fabric tube. From fabric tube cut two 3"-long tab pieces.

2. Turn one end of each tab piece under 1/2" and thread tabs through a D-ring (Diagram 4). Insert raw ends of tabs in folded ends (Diagram 5).

3. Position one tab on each bag panel 2-1/4" from left edge (Diagram 6). Secure ends and stitch tabs in place.




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