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Striking Stripes Purse

Add some pizzazz to your wardrobe with a trendy bright purse composed of a multicolor stripe that stands out against a black-and-white print binding. The fabric-covered button and adjustable strap make the purse both stylish and functional. Fabrics are from the Midnight Gardens collection by Susie M. Robbins for P&B Textiles.


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Assemble and Add Strap

1. Join a pair of short ends of multicolor stripe 3x36" strips to make a strap strip; press seam open. Fold a strap strip long edge under 1⁄4"; press. Fold folded edge under 1⁄2" (Diagram 9); press. Open up the last fold.

2. Center 1x36" fleece strips on wrong side of strap strip; fuse. Fold raw long edge of strip over fleece. Refold opposite long edge on fold line; pin in place, then press. Referring to Diagram 9, stitch through center of strip to make the strap.

3. Trim strap to desired length. Thread one end of strap through both O-rings. Fold one end of strap under 1⁄2"; fold other end of strap over 1⁄2" (Diagram 10). Nest the folded ends to enclose raw edges; pin. Topstitch along both edges.