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Striking Stripes Purse

Add some pizzazz to your wardrobe with a trendy bright purse composed of a multicolor stripe that stands out against a black-and-white print binding. The fabric-covered button and adjustable strap make the purse both stylish and functional. Fabrics are from the Midnight Gardens collection by Susie M. Robbins for P&B Textiles.


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Quilt Bag Body and Sides

1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse 13x30" interfacing to wrong side of green dot 13x30" lining rectangle. Fuse 13x30" fusible fleece to wrong side of multicolor stripe 13x30" rectangle.

2. Place fused green dot rectangle atop fused multicolor stripe rectangle with interfacing and fleece sides together; pin or baste.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using green dot, multicolor stripe, interfacing, and fleece 4x18" strips.

4. Quilt fabric rectangles and strips layered in steps 2 and 3 using a diagonal grid pattern with the stitched lines 2" apart.

5. Centering stripe, trim quilted 13x30" rectangle into a 12x28" rectangle for the bag body (front, back, and flap). Cut quilted 4×18" strip into two 3x8-1⁄2" strips; trim strips as shown in Diagram 1 for bag sides.