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Shore Thing

Stitch up a knockout tote that’s sturdy, roomy, and just plain adorable.

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Designer: Bonnie Mitchell 



• Scraps of assorted novelty prints (blocks)

• 1⁄2 yard black print (blocks, bag bottom)

• 1-3⁄4 yards blue tone-on-tone (blocks, lining)

• 1⁄4 yard each green and pink tone-on-tones (blocks)

• 3⁄8 yard yellow tone-on-tone (sashing, inner border)

• 1⁄4 yard each turquoise and yellow prints (bag sides)

• 5⁄8 yard multicolor stripe No. 1 (top and bottom borders)

• 3⁄8 yard multicolor stripe No. 2 (handles*) 

• 1-7⁄8 yards muslin (backing)  

• 2—28×32-1⁄2" batting rectangles

• 2—28×32-1⁄2" stiff interfacing rectangles (optiona)


Finished tote bag: 24×20-3⁄4×8"


Quantities are for 44⁄45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated. 


*Note: The designer cut the handles parallel to the selvage of the fabric. To duplicate the lengthwise-stripe handles, you will need 1-1⁄4 yards of multicolor stripe No. 2.