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Reusable Market Bag

Start this in the morning, and by afternoon you’ll have a cloth tote for the farmer’s market or grocery store. For this spacious bag project maker Judy Sams Sohn chose eye-catching blue-and-white prints from Always & Forever collection by Alex Anderson for P&B Textiles.


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Assemble Bag Front and Back

1. Referring to Diagram 1, sew together two different blue print 6-1/2x17-1/2" rectangles and a blue print 8-1/2x17-1/2" rectangle to make a pieced 17-1/2x20-1/2" rectangle. Press seams toward outer edges. Repeat to make a second pieced rectangle.

2. Join together the pieced rectangle, a blue print 1-1/2x20-1/2" strip, and a blue floral 2-1/2x20-1/2" rectangle along 20-1/2" edges to make bag front (Diagram 2). Press seams toward blue floral strip. Repeat to make bag back.

3. Layer bag front and back; sew together bottom edges to make a bag unit (Diagram 3). Using tip of iron, carefully press seam open.




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