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Quilted Tote Bag

Fashion and function combine in a rugged bag composed of fabrics from Floating Flowers collection by Kaffe Fassett for Westminster Fabrics, plus a complementary stripe. Pockets outside and in allow easy access to keys, phone, and other small items.


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Assemble And Quilt Bag Body

1. Sew together a blue floral 11-1/2x18" rectangle and a blue stripe 4-1/2x18" rectangle to make a pieced unit (Diagram 4). Press seam toward blue stripe.

2. Press fusible fleece 15-1/2x18" rectangle to wrong side of pieced unit; let cool. Using Bag Body Cutting Pattern, cut out bag body piece. Quilt as desired.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make and quilt a second bag body piece.

4. Position pocket on one bag body piece (see Bag Body Cutting Pattern for placement). Topstitch side and bottom edges of pocket to bag body piece (Diagram 5).

5. Join side edges of bag body pieces. Press seams open. Align the side seams so they now meet at center of bag. Mark new side "seams" of bag body with pins (Diagram 6).

6. Press fusible fleece 7x16" rectangle to wrong side of each blue stripe 7x16" rectangle. Cut two of Bag Base Cutting Pattern from fused rectangles. Set one bag base aside for lining. Quilt one bag base as desired.

7. Fold bag base in fourths, and mark each fold with a pin. Matching quarter marks, sew together the bag base and bag body to make outer bag (Diagram 7). Turn outer bag right side out.