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Quick-Change Purse

A smart bag with a removable contents pouch makes switching bags as simple as changing outfits.


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Add Strap

1. Center a brad ring on bag side, 3⁄8" from top edge of synthetic leather strip (Diagram 4). Trace inner hole of ring on synthetic leather strip. Cut away marked hole, cutting through synthetic leather and lining at same time. Note: Use a seam ripper to make a small cut through all layers to start hole.

2.  Following manufacturer’s directions, secure a brad ring to side edge of bag.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to secure a brad ring to opposite side edge.

4. Fold over 1", wrong side inside, along one long edge of synthetic leather 2-1⁄2×24" strip (Diagram 5); finger-press. Fold over 1⁄2" along remaining long edge; finger-press. Topstitch 1⁄4" from folded edges to make bag strap.

5. Insert one end of strap through a brad ring and fold back 1" to underside of strap. Sew through all layers to secure strap (Diagram 6). Repeat with remaining strap end and brad ring.