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Peekaboo Chevron Tote

Display one of the hottest trends—chevrons— with a little sneak peek of the print in a pleat. Classic black-and-tan prints combine beautifully for an elegant bag with a little spunk. Fabrics are from the Tempo collection by Greta Lynn for Benartex.


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Assemble Bag Lining

1. Fold tan-and-black chevron print 18-1⁄4x34-1⁄2" rectangle in half lengthwise with right side inside, to make 9-1⁄4x34-1⁄2" lining rectangle (Diagram 8).

2. Referring to Diagram 9, at one end measure 3" from fold; at that point stitch 3" from edges. Open lining rectangle and press flat, making a pleat (Diagram 10). Baste 1⁄8" from edge at pleated end.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, making a pleat in the opposite end of lining rectangle.

4. Repeat Assemble Bag Body, steps 6 and 7, leaving a 4" opening along one side edge, to make bag lining. Leave lining wrong side out.