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Patchwork Strips Tote Bag

Make an easy tote even easier by choosing a great focal print and using precut 2-1/2"-wide fabric strips for the remainder of the bag. Use rickrack, eyelets, and a button for a polished patchwork tote.

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Assemble Lining

1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse interfacing 22-1/2x32-1/2" rectangle to wrong side of green print 22-1/2x32-1/2" rectangle.

2. Fold green print 22-1/2" square in half with right side inside to make an 11-1/4x22-1/2" rectangle. Sew along long edge to make a tube. Turn tube right side out and press to make pocket.

3. Fold green print 22-1/2x32-1/2" rectangle in half to find vertical center; press. Referring to Diagram 8 for placement, position pocket on green print rectangle 2-1/4" from center; pin in place. Edgestitch pocket to green print rectangle along pocket’s bottom edge. Stitch 5" from outer edges to create three pockets.

4. Fold green print rectangle in half along center fold. Sew together side edges, leaving a 6"-wide opening along one side.

5. To shape flat bottom for lining, refer to Assemble Bag Body, Step 2, to make bag lining.