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Patchwork Strips Tote Bag

Make an easy tote even easier by choosing a great focal print and using precut 2-1/2"-wide fabric strips for the remainder of the bag. Use rickrack, eyelets, and a button for a polished patchwork tote.

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Assemble Bag Back

1. Referring to Assemble Bag Front, Step 2, and using remaining assorted green, orange, and red print and stripe 2-1/2x4-1/2" rectangles and 2-1/2" squares, make seven pieced rows total.

2. Join pieced rows, alternating the position of 2-1/2" squares, to make a pieced unit. Add remaining green print 2-1/2x22-1/2" rectangle to pieced unit (Diagram 5). Press seams in one direction to make bag back.

3. Referring to Assemble Bag Front, steps 4–6, use remaining muslin 18x24" rectangle and 18x24" batting to quilt and trim bag back.