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Patchwork Strips Tote Bag

Make an easy tote even easier by choosing a great focal print and using precut 2-1/2"-wide fabric strips for the remainder of the bag. Use rickrack, eyelets, and a button for a polished patchwork tote.

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Assemble Bag Front

1. Referring to Diagram 1, baste orange rickrack along bottom edge of blue print 10-1/2x22-1/2" rectangle. The bottom half of rickrack will extend past the edge of rectangle.

2. Sew together five assorted green, orange, and red prints and stripe 2-1/2x4-1/2" rectangles and one 2-1/2" square to make a pieced row (Diagram 2). The pieced row should be 2-1/2x22-1/2" including seam allowances. Press seams toward 2-1/2" square. Repeat to make a second pieced row.

3. Join two pieced rows to make a pieced unit (Diagram 3). Sew pieced unit to bottom edge of Step 1 rectangle. Add a green print 2-1/2x22-1/2" rectangle along bottom edge (Diagram 4). Press seams in one direction to make bag front.

4. Lay a muslin 18x24" rectangle right side down on a flat surface. Top with an 18x24" batting rectangle, aligning edges. With right side up, center bag front on batting.

5. Quilt as desired.

6. Trim bag front to 22-1/2x16-1/2". Machine-baste a scant 1/8" inside all edges.