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Patchwork and Prairie Points Bag

This simple open-top patchwork bag cleverly incorporates a deep outer pocket. Fabric is from the Cheep Talk collection for Connecting Threads.


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Assemble and Add Handles

1. Layer two multicolor stripe 2-1/4x20-1/2" strips with right sides together atop a 2-1/4x20-1/2" batting strip. Stitch around all edges, leaving a 3" opening along one long edge for turning (Diagram 9). Trim batting close to seam.

2. Turn right side out through opening. Slip-stitch opening closed. Press flat and topstitch 1/8" from both long edges and through center to make a handle.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a second handle.

4. Baste handles to lining at bag front and back 2" from side seams with ends below binding. Flipping prairie point up and out of the way, stitch each handle end to bag top (Diagram 10).

5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, cover three buttons using one assorted print and two bird print 2-1/2" squares. Center covered buttons at top of bag pocket. Hand-stitch buttons in place to complete bag.