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Patchwork and Prairie Points Bag

This simple open-top patchwork bag cleverly incorporates a deep outer pocket. Fabric is from the Cheep Talk collection for Connecting Threads.


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Assemble and Add Prairie Points

1. Fold an aqua print 3" square in half diagonally with wrong sides together to make a triangle. Fold triangle in half again and press to make a prairie point (Diagram 6). Using remaining aqua print 3" squares, repeat to make 12 aqua print prairie points total.

2. Referring to Diagram 7, pin prairie points to top edge of bag body with raw edges aligned and prairie points pointing toward bag center. Space evenly and make sure all double-folded edges face same direction. Slip 1/4" of single-folded edges between double-folded edges. Machine-baste a scant 1/8" from bag top edge.



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