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Patchwork and Prairie Points Bag

This simple open-top patchwork bag cleverly incorporates a deep outer pocket. Fabric is from the Cheep Talk collection for Connecting Threads.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Cut bird print on lengthwise grain of fabric (parallel to selvages).

From assorted aqua-and-green, green, light green, and cream prints, cut:
33—3" squares
1—2-1/2" square

From aqua print, cut:
19—3" squares

From bird print, cut:
1—18x30" rectangle
1—14x30" rectangle
1—14x26" rectangle
2—2-1/2" squares

From multicolor stripe, cut:
2—2-1/2x42" binding strips
4—2-1/4x20-1/2" strips

From batting, cut:
1—18x30" rectangle
1—14x30" rectangle

2—2-1/4x20-1/2" strips {C}