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Mini Messenger Bag

Use bits and pieces of favorite fabrics and trims to personalize the flap on your bag. It's a great size to carry for quick weekend errands-just enough room for keys, phone, and a small wallet.


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Finish Bag

1. Cut and piece red print 2x42" strips to make 1 -- 2x49" handle strip

2. Press under 1/4" along each long edge of the red print handle strip. Insert the batting 3/4x48" strip under one fold; batting strip should end 1/2" from handle strip ends. Fold the handle strip in half along the batting edge and topstitch 1/8" from folded edges to make the handle (Diagram 7).

3. Turn under handle ends 1/2". Referring to Diagram 8, position ends along flap top edge, 3/4" from flap sides. Topstitch in place, being careful not to catch bag front in stitching.

4. Hand-stitch buttons and larger charms to flap, stacking two or more buttons if desired.