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Messenger Bag

Whip up this trendy bag in a snap to carry to work or to take along on a spur-of-the-moment trip.


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Assemble Bag Pocket

1. Using 5/8" seam, machine-baste together brown-and-teal paisley 9x7" rectangle and brown-and-teal paisley 9x2-1/2" piece along long edge (Diagram 5). Press seam open.

2. Center closed zipper facedown over pressed-open seam and baste in place (Diagram 6).

3. Using zipper foot on machine, sew on right side of fabric 1/4" from seam, clearing zipper teeth, to make pocket front. Remove basting.

4. Partially open zipper and sew together right side of zippered pocket front to wrong side of brown-and-teal paisley 9x7-3/4" rectangle (pocket lining). Turn pocket to right side through partially open zipper; press.

5. Center pocket on right side of light green paisley 22x19" rectangle, 4-1/2" from lower edge (Diagram 7). Topstitch pocket to lining.