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Lunch Sack Gift Bags

We don't know which is more fun-choosing the fabrics for these "lunch sack" gift bags or planning what treats they'll contain. For the closure, use a covered button, two or more stacked buttons, or vintage costume jewelry.


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Materials for Small Bag

9x22" piece (fat eighth) print A (bag body)
9x22" piece (fat eighth) print B (lining)
1/4 yard heavyweight, nonfusible interfacing
Heavyweight cardboard (optional)

From print A, cut:
2 — 6-1/2x8" bag body rectangles
1 — 1-1/8x3" bias strip

From print B, cut:
2 — 6-1/2x8" lining rectangles

From interfacing, cut:
2 — 6-1/2x8" rectangles

From heavyweight cardboard, cut:
1 — 1-3/4x3-1/2" rectangle