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Log Cabin Tote Bag

Design director Nancy Wiles cut scrappy strips of assorted Bali Batiks from Hoffman California Fabrics to make two mirror-image Log Cabin blocks. She featured one block on each side of her pieced handbag, adding an extra 1-1/2x12-1/2" strip at the bottom of each block to allow for the bag's depth. A wide band at the bag top and matching handles incorporate the two main colors used in the blocks.


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Assemble Tote Bag

1. Insert bag body inside bag lining with right sides together; straps should be between bag and lining. Align raw edges and seams. Stitch together upper edges of bag body and lining, backstitching over each strap for reinforcement.

2. Turn bag and lining right side out through opening in lining; then pull lining out of bag. Machine-stitch opening of lining closed.

3. Insert lining back into bag and press upper edge. Topstitch 1/8" from upper edge to complete tote bag.