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Large Patchwork Bag

Sew up a spacious bag that meets all your needs. Two sets of inside pockets have room for keys, a notebook, a cell phone, and a planner, making this roomy carryall the perfect size for taking along on an all-day outing. Project maker Judy Sams Sohn chose eye-catching bold prints from the Santorini collection by Lila Tueller for Moda Fabrics.


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Assemble and Attach Straps

1. Center a 2x24" interfacing strip on wrong side of a green stripe 2-1/2"x24" strip; fuse.

2. Fold and press fused green stripe strip in half lengthwise with wrong side inside.

3. Open and press long edges 1/4" to wrong side. Refold in half and press. Insert 1x24" batting strip into folded green stripe strip. Topstitch 1/8" from long edges to make a strap (Diagram 9).

4. Repeat steps 1–3 to make a second strap.

5. Referring to Diagram 10, center and pin one end of a strap under bag side seam. Stitch in the ditch to secure strap to bag. Repeat with opposite strap end at remaining seam on same side of bag. Repeat with second strap on opposite side of bag.