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Hold-Everything Bag

The secret to this striking but simple bag is the fabric choice—an eye-popping print for the body complements a colorful small-scale print for the border.


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Assemble Pocket and Lining

1. Fold circle print 6×9-1⁄2" rectangle in half with right side inside to form a 6×4-3⁄4" rectangle. Sew along the three open edges, leaving a 3" opening in long edge, to make a pocket. Turn pocket right side out through opening and press flat, turning under raw edges at opening.

2. Referring to Diagram 6 for placement, position pocket on right side of one circle print 15-1⁄2×18" rectangle; pin in place. Edgestitch pocket to circle print rectangle along pocket’s side and bottom edges; leave top edge open.

3. Layer two circle print 15-1⁄2×18" rectangles; sew together side and bottom edges, leaving a 6" opening along bottom edge for turning bag right side out. Using tip of iron, carefully press seams open to make bag lining.

4. Shape a flat bottom for lining as in Assemble Bag Body and Straps, Step 4. Leave lining wrong side out.