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Grab Bags

Use a bevy of bright and lively fabrics for this go-everywhere bag. Pockets on the inside are great for holding your phone, keys, and other necessities.


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Prepare Bag Pieces and Pockets

1. Layer a batting bag piece on wrong side of each A print bag piece. Machine-baste a scant 1⁄4" from edges to make bag front and back (Diagram 1).

2. Fold a B print 61⁄2x15" rectangle in half lengthwise to make a 3-1⁄4x15" rectangle. Sew together along three open edges, leaving a 3" opening for turning in the bottom edge (Diagram 2). Turn right side out through opening. Press, turning under raw edges of opening, to make a pocket. Repeat to make
a second pocket.

3. Position a pocket on the right side of each B print bag piece at the widest part; pin in place. Referring to Diagram 3, topstitch bottom edge of each pocket, then stitch two lines 5" apart to divide each pocket into compartments. Trim pocket side edges along curve of bag piece; baste a scant 1⁄4" from edges to make lining front and back.