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Easy-Sew Purse

All it takes to make this fun and easy bag is two fat quarters for the body and two fat quarters for the lining. Some of the stripes on the featured bag were machine-quilted with narrow zigzag stitching. To prevent warped areas from occurring between parallel rows of stitching, start the machine-quilting of all rows from the same edge. Fabrics are from Anchors Away collection by Dear Stella.


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Assemble Bag Body and Lining

1. With wrong side inside, fold each white print 1x2-3⁄4" rectangle in half lengthwise; press, then unfold. Fold raw edges in to meet at crease line, then fold strip in half (Diagram 2). Sew next to folded edges.

2. Fold each Step 1 strip in half to make a loop. Referring to Diagram 3, position loops at small dots on right side of bag back with raw edges aligned. Sew in place.

3. Press under 1⁄2" on top straight raw edges of bag lining.

4. Insert bag body into bag lining with wrong sides together. Align side seams and pin.

5. Referring to Diagram 4, turn side raw edges of bag body and bag lining under 1⁄4"; pin bag body to bag lining. (Make sure loops are on the outside of the bag and not stuck between the bag body and bag lining.) Then turn under and pin bag body raw edges that extend above bag lining. Topstitch pinned edges (Diagram 4).