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Crafty Tote

Do you love the look of a patchwork tote but don’t want to take the time to piece one? Use a preprinted panel instead! This tote is a terrific take-along to a sewing retreat or knitting get-together. Fabrics are from the ColorWorks Concepts Phase II collection by Northcott.


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Make Bag Front and Back

1.    Place a fusible fleece 18-1⁄2×27-1⁄2" rectangle on a flat surface. Top with a right side up multicolor patchwork print 18-1⁄2×27-1⁄2" rectangle. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse fleece and patchwork print rectangle to make bag front.Referring to Diagram 1, cut a 4-1⁄2" square from each bottom corner. 

2.    Using remaining multicolor patchwork print and fusible fleece 18-1⁄2×27-1⁄2" rectangles, repeat Step 1 to make bag back.

3.    Machine-quilt bag front and bag back as desired. Designer Elaine Theriault used variegated thread to stitch a grid design that follows the patchwork squares. 


Make Bag Lining

1.    Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse a stabilizer 18-1⁄2×27-1⁄2" rectangle to wrong side of a blue print 18-1⁄2×27-1⁄2" rectangle to make a fused rectangle. Repeat to make a second fused rectangle. 

2.    Referring to Diagram 2, cut a 4-1⁄2" square from bottom corners of both Step 1 fused rectangles to make two bag linings.