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Cinch It Tote Bag

Pull-up straps and a roomy interior make for an easy-to-piece tote bag. Fabrics are Petalicious prints by Nancy Thias for Marcus Fabrics.


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Finish Bag

1. Matching side seams, insert bag lining into bag body with wrong sides together. With 1/8" seam allowance, baste bag lining to bag body along top edges (Diagram 12).

2. Join short ends of orange-and-brown floral 2x42" binding strips. Press seam open. Trim to 2x46". With wrong side inside, fold under 1" at one end of strip and press. Fold strip in half lengthwise to make binding strip; press.

3. Pin binding strip to right side of basted edges of bag beginning at one side seam. Start sewing the binding in place 2" from the folded end. Using a 1/4" seam, machine-stitch to top of bag. When you return to starting point, encase binding strip’s raw edge inside folded end and finish sewing to the starting point.

4. Turn the binding over the edge to the inside of bag. Machine-stitch binding to the bag lining fabric.