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Cinch It Tote Bag

Pull-up straps and a roomy interior make for an easy-to-piece tote bag. Fabrics are Petalicious prints by Nancy Thias for Marcus Fabrics.


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Assemble Bag Lining

1. Sew together orange floral 8-1/2x9-1/2" rectangles, leaving a 3" opening along one edge for turning (Diagram 10).

2.  Turn right side out through opening. Press and slip-stitch opening closed to make a pocket.

3. Center pocket on right side of orange floral 22x41-1/2" rectangle 4" from a short edge. Topstitch side and bottom edges of pocket to rectangle (Diagram 11).

4. Fold orange floral rectangle in half crosswise; sew side edges together to make bag lining.

5. To shape flat bottom for lining, refer to Assemble Bag Body, Step 11. Do not turn lining right side out.