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Cinch It Tote Bag

Pull-up straps and a roomy interior make for an easy-to-piece tote bag. Fabrics are Petalicious prints by Nancy Thias for Marcus Fabrics.


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Assemble Bag Body

1. Referring to Diagram 1 for placement, sew together one teal-and-orange floral 9x21" strip, two orange-and-teal plaid 3x21" strips, one orange polka dot 3x21" strip, one orange print 3x21" strip, and two orange-and-yellow floral 2x21" strips to make a pieced unit. Press seams in one direction. The pieced unit should be 22x21" including seam allowances. Repeat to make a second pieced unit.

2. Layer pieced units with right sides together and edges aligned. Sew together along bottom edge to make pieced rectangle (Diagram 2). Using tip of iron, carefully press seam open.

3. Center pieced rectangle on top of batting 22x41-1/2" rectangle; baste or spray the wrong side of each piece to be layered with quilt basting spray.

4. Quilt as desired. The featured bag is stitched in the ditch along all vertical seams.

5. Referring to Diagram 3 for placement and following manufacturer’s instructions, add a 1"-diameter grommet 4-1/2" from top edge and 7-1/2" from left-hand edge of quilted rectangle. Add a second grommet 4-1/2" from top edge and 7-1/2" from right-hand edge of quilted rectangle. Add remaining grommets 4-1/2" from bottom edge and 7-1/2" from left- and right-hand edges.

6. Referring to Diagram 4 for placement, use a pencil to mark parallel lines across both muslin 6-1/2x22-1/2" rectangles 4" and 5-1/2" from top edges.



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