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Afternoon Totes

These strippy totes are simple enough to make in one afternoon. Whip up a bunch for your family and friends for the holidays or make multiples to match your different outfits. Fabrics are from the Lux metallic collection from Timeless Treasures and the Princess and the Frog collection from Northcott.


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Assemble Handles

1. Cut a print 2-1⁄2x42" strip in half, creating two 21"-long strips. Press each long edge under 1⁄4". Fold strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides inside to make two 1"-wide strips; press.

2. Place a 7⁄8x22" batting strip inside a folded print strip, tucking it under one 1⁄4" fold, to make a handle unit (Diagram 8). Repeat to make a second handle unit.

3. Edgestitch a handle unit with double lines of stitching 1⁄8" apart along long edges to make a handle (Diagram 8). Repeat to make a second handle.